Cracked was founded in 2018 with a simple goal in mind; deliver a Maximum Flavor-style menu that is composed of free-range and organic ingredients. Simply put, there’s flavor, and then there’s MAXIMUM Flavor. This concept was created by Chef Adrianne Calvo, who has captivated her customers for over a decade now.

In the end, a meal can only be as good as its ingredients. For this reason, Chef Adrianne and her team have gone the extra mile in order to ensure that patrons of Cracked are enjoying nothing but the best. This vegan-friendly menu is made from the finest locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients brought to you by some of the area’s most esteemed farmers and growers.

CRACKED By Chef Adrianne


My story begins in 1984 in my hometown of Chicago Illinois, a food-obsessed city with a big culinary personality. As a kid, I wasn’t running home after school to kick around a ball or check out the latest video game, I was running into the kitchen to help my mom put dinner on the table! What I would learn later in life is these countless days spent watching her sprinkle a little bit of this and mixing in a little bit of that into delicious dishes my family and I relished in together is what inevitably started my drive to become a chef.
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